In September 2015 Master Koretoshi Maruyama taught an Aikido Yuishinkai Seminar in Honolulu.

The event was very successful.  In excess of 40 students and guests attended 4 days of excellent keiko.  Also in attendance were Chief instructor Honbo sensei and students of Kaneohe Aikido Club,  Chief instructor Frank Fujishige and students of Lanakila Aikido Club, and Chief instructor Steven Shimanek and wife Aleta of Aikido Yuishinkai of Samoa. Also in attendance were 2 students from Sensei Jim West’s dojo, Aikido Olympia, in Olympia Washington, Tsuneko Nakatani and Jennifer Key.

Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei practiced other martial arts when he was young, but it was only through Morihei Ueshiba’s Aikido that he found his way. In 1967 he became an instructor in the founder’s dojo. In 1971, after Ueshiba’s death, he became head instructor in the Ki no Kenkyukai Aikido school, founded by Koichi Tohei.

Tohei promoted Maruyama Sensei to 8th dan and Chief Instructor. Maruyama Sensei taught Aikido in many countries worldwide until 1991, when he retired to a zen monastery for a period of 10 years. After this period he founded Aikido Yuishinkai (Aikido without borders). In 2001 he left the monastery to return to his teaching activity.

It was our honor to host Koretoshi Maruyama Sensei in Honolulu this September.  All students of Aikido were welcome.  Meeting students from other dojo’s brings us closer to Aikido’s spirit of harmony. Aikido Yuishinkai is “Aikido without borders”

2 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 20152015 Honolulu seminar group photo     15 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 20155 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 201524 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 20154 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 201532 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 201511 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 20159 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 201537 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 201530 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 201533 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 201528 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 201513 Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu 2015


    Steve Shimanek said:
    October 16, 2015 at 7:21 pm

    Website looks great, some awesome photos! Thank you for hosting this excellent seminar with Master Maruyama!

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