Sensei & Contact Info

James Peters, godan
Chief Instructor

James has practiced Aikido since 1992 and has been an instructor since 1996.  He began his study in Aikido with the teachings of Koichi Tohei under Seichi Tabata Sensei, 8th dan at the Honolulu Ki Society.  In 2005 he joined Noelani Ki Aikido to follow the teachings of Koretoshi Maruyama.  In April 2014, with the permission of Koretoshi Maruyama, James and Kinsem, formed Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu.  He is married to Cathy Peters and has 3 daughters. Caitlin and Hayley. His oldest daughter Ashlee, lives in Oakland California with her husband Andy Takamura. James owns James Peters Design, Inc. a graphic design and sign design company.

Phone:  (808) 256-9944


Kinsem Agena, nidan
Senior Instructor

Kinsem has been practicing Aikido since 2006 and has been an instructor since 2010.  As a member of Noelani Ki Aikido, he followed the teachings of Koretoshi Maruyama and was a practitioner of Aikido Yuishinkai. In 2014, Kinsem and James made the decision to leave Noelani Ki Aikido and form Aikido Yuishinkai Honolulu.  Kinsem is married, has 2 daughters, and one grandson. He is currently employed as a graphic designer at Don Quijote, USA. He enjoys fishing, talking Aikido and playing blues ukulele in his leisure time.

Email:  kinsem.agena@gmail.comm

2 thoughts on “Sensei & Contact Info

    Brett Kerr said:
    April 1, 2014 at 1:51 pm

    Peters Sensei introduced me to Aikido in 2007 and it has been a valuable addition to my life ever since. Because of his influence and guidance I continue my Aikido training in my current home in San Diego. I have also had the pleasure to train with Agena Sama and look forward to training with them again upon my next return to Oahu. I am sure you will find their instruction rewarding and perhaps even life changing. Bringing Aikido into my life was a very positive experience; I am very happy to see the dojo opening.

    Ricardo Lopez said:
    July 20, 2016 at 9:06 am

    Peters Sensei,
    I would like to ask if Yuishinkai Aikido plan to set up a dojo in New York or New Jersey area. I used to practiced Aikido in the Philippines for a number of years. I am a New York resident. Thank you.

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