What is Ki?

ki image

Ki is living power.

In a difficult situation or a fight your natural reaction is to tense up and fight back with reckless anger, strength and aggression. You are essentially out of balance.

Our practice of Ki is not based on the size or the strength of the person, because that doesn’t matter in the effective use of Aikido. Ki is an internal power and universal energy. By finding our center of gravity, by accepting the pull of gravity, by perfecting our balance and blending with the attacking force of our opponent – we become perfectly balanced with the universe – mind, body and universe all unified.  Sound complicated? Yes – it will take a while to understand. We’ll practice.

Try any one these suggestions for finding Ki:

  1. Relax your mind and body. Clear mind of thoughts.
  2. Open your mind. Awareness in a 360 degree sphere in all directions.
  3. Focus on your center of gravity. Center of body slightly below and behind your navel.
  4. Accept the pull of gravity. Let your body weight settle down. Relax back, shoulders and spine.

There is great power in being calm with Ki. Imagine being calm in an emergency, being calm in a dangerous situation. Imagine being steady and confident while competing in sports, or in business negotiations. When you are relaxed, you are confident. When you are calm, you can do anything, you see everything. When you are the opposite of calm – stressed, nervous, or angry – can you solve problems, can you react effectively? The answer, of course, is “no”.

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